Vertical 41mm insect screen is the ideal insect protection system for windows. Although the operation of this system is manual it becomes semi-automatic thanks to a spring device.

• Brake mechanism available for smoother, quieter and safer insect screen retraction.

• Mesh lock available for areas with extreme winds.

• In case of wooden Venetian blinds an extra L-shaped profile can be applied.

• 32mm cassette also available.

This product is available as made to measure and in kit or bulk for door & window professional manufacturers.



Roller Scorpion is an innovative horizontal insect screen system. Suitable for French doors and windows, the product is characterized by the presence of a wind resistant roller pipe and the absence of a low guide. Equipped with rollers and a spring, it achieves a smooth and accurate rolling back. This product can reach 3,6m in width and a height of 3m. Black and Grey net available.



The new horizontal caterpillar insect screen will certainly amaze you as even when closed it lets you enjoy the Thèa (view in Greek), from the interior of your house. Once more Japanese technology has come forth with Thèa, a new proposal with a unique design.

The maximum opening width can reach 1,8m and the height can reach 2,6m. The fabric's material is polypropylene. The bottom silicone rollers give an improved scrolling on the bottom rail (since there is no bottom guide).

One of the most innovative characteristics of this product is the ability to adjust the spring, even after the installation is finished without disassembling the product!